Healthcheck & Service

Our Tech are able to remove and clean any computer that maybe infected by any virus or infection.
Computers can slow down over time and the build up of temporary files, various malicious infections  
and the fragmentation of your files can cause this. 
If the computer is running slow, this will be making your  computer work harder and therefore hotter.
 Excess Heat can cause computer failure especially in hard drives.
Our thorough healthchecks and servicing will:
- Remove infections & Viruses
- Remove Temporary files
- Test all Hardware
- Clean computer inside and out
- Defrag the computer and enhance the over speed of the computer
- Update any security and give any recommendations on how to keep your self safe online
Computers ideally should receive an annual service, so if your computer has never been looked at before,  
get in touch and get your computer running faster than ever
Contact us today on 01634 786864 or email