Our Tech have experienced and qualified engineers that can provide you or a member of your family with 
personalised and tailored tuition.
Some common lessons include:
- Basic skills on navigating the computer and searching the net
- Sending emails and opening attachments
- Editing photos and movies
- Using Office suites such as Word, Excel etc
- Windows 8
- Mac OSX and iOS on the iPad and iPhone
- How you can connect your devices by using online storage
- Data backup and internet secuirty
All our lessons are tailored to you, provided one to one but feel free to have your family or friends around. 
Lessons on average last for 2 hours but can be divded over a set amount of time and discount will be
given for bulk lessons.
Learning a new skill is not always easy, so we won't be blinding you with computer jargon just
plain common sense English. Contact us today on 01634 786864 or email